Home Staging by Sadie, Inc. "Let's Get MOVE-IN!"

Welcome to Home Staging by Sadie,



Welcome to Home Staging by Sadie.

In today's competitive real estate market, Professional Home Staging gives you (the Seller) an added edge over your competition.

First impressions are criticalHome Staging if effective in creating a series of first impressions, throughout your home, highlighting influential features.  Home Staging help a buyer emotionally connect to a home, enabling a buyer to visualize themselves living there. The goal is to allow a buyer to mentally “move in,” not move on!

A common question:  At what time, in the home selling process, should a home be Staged?

Answer:  As soon as you decide to sell!  This means before ANYONE sees it - before a Real Estate Agent determines your list price, and before any marketing, or open houses. 

The first sight a buyer gets of your home should make a lasting first impression. Within seconds of seeing a home, buyers determine whether it appeals to them.  Again, you want them to mentally “move in,” not move on.  If your home has been on the market, with little or no interest, before you do a price reduction, Stage your home first. This way, you can “present your home again" to the real estate community. It can be marketed as a home with a “new look.”   Buyers and Real Estate Agents are curious.   What a buzz that will create.

Once your home is on the market, it becomes a product. Similar to items on a store shelf, your home has special features, benefits, positive & negative aspects, and competition. It is difficult to think of a home as a product, but to compete successfully, a home needs to needs to be priced correctly, and present better than the other homes. When you sell your home, you are going to have to move. When you move, you are going to have to pack. Why not pack some of your things up early? It’s just a little bit of work that you’re going to have to do anyway. So, let’s do it now...

This unique system has proven to help homes sell faster, and for more money.

Call Sadie for a Home Staging Consultation.

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Sadie Guichard
Home Staging by Sadie.



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