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These are homes...

Before & After

Examples of my work...


Sitting Room, Before & After


This room had far too much furniture and clutter in it, removing it created space and gives an overall appearence of peace and tranquility...


Living Room, Before & After         

By removing clutter & excess furniture this room looks more inviting.


Living Room, Before & After

By removing the rug,excess furniture and boxes - has made this side of the room alot brighter and more appealing.


Guest Bedroom, Before & After

The drapes were taken down and made into pillow cases for a contrast, clutter was removed and furniture replaced, giving this room an overalll appearence of being larger.

Guest Bedroom, Before & After



Furniture/clutter was removed and the drape was used else where to add contrast without it spliting the room in half making it appear smaller.








Master Bath, Before & After







 A Tip... Most comforters are have colour on both sides, by just flipping this one and adding accessories to compliment it was a economal for my clients.

 This is more "welcoming" than an open space.

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