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My Home Staging Consultation includes a personal visit to your home, to get acquainted with you, and address your needs and goals.  I will evaluate each interior room, and the exterior of your home, and take photographs (with your permission).  This takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on the square footage of your home.

Using this information, I will make a detailed report of recommendations to prepare your home for sale, and present my report in a subsequent meeting. You will then have the information to decide which Home Staging services are necessary, which to-do's you can accomplish yourself, and if you would like to hire my services.


Once you have my report of recommendations, you have several choices.

1.  You can implement my recommendations yourself, and for an hourly fee, I can return to your home when you have finished to add any finishing touches.

2.  For a lower hourly fee, we can work together as a team.

3.  I can do the work for you.  For this, the work will detailed in the form of a “bid.”


Whatever you choose, we can discuss the details of your particular circumstances.

Personal Shopping






Having trouble finding that "perfect" accessory to pull a room together?  Or, do you just hate shopping.  I will shop for you, or accompany you.

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