Home Staging by Sadie, Inc. "Let's Get MOVE-IN!"

Vacant Property's

“Price Reduction!”  This is what a potential buyer thinks when they walk into a vacant property.


When a property is vacant, every flaw is apparent. It's also very difficult for potential buyers to visualize where, and how, their belongings will "fit" in the property.  By adding the appropriate furniture and accessories to the primary living areas, it makes the "proptery" look more like a "home."  It extends an invitation to a potential buyer to stay longer and increases showing times, helping the buyer to mentally "move in" not "move on."

Statistics show the vacant property's take longer to sell than those that are occupied. The longer a property is on the market, chances are you will get less money.


Home Staging a vacant property will enhance your presentation on MLS, as the photos will be more inviting. drawing Realtors, and the general public to view the property.








Home Staging a Vacant Property costs LESS than a Price Reduction!


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