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What are the benefits of Home Staging?


21 Good Reasons to have your home Staged


  1. From the first day on market, a Staged home gives you an edge over your competition, making your home stand-out from the rest, potentially being the best-buy on the market.  "First impressions" are critical.  The typical buyer has determined within seconds of seeing a home, whether it appeals to them.
  2. Home Staging is an investment to sell your home.  The investment is always less than your first price reduction.  It is a wise to invest in your largest asset, as buyers offer top dollar for houses that show well.
  3. Additional exposure on StagedHomes.com website, which receives almost 6 million hits/month.
  4. A Staged home can be more marketable, and the photos on MLS stand-out from those who do not Stage their homes.
  5. Staged homes appeal to the broadest range of buyers.
  6. A buyer has normally formed his/her own opinion within the first few seconds of entering a home.  In fact, they formed their "first impression" when they drive up to a home.  A home should always be presented at its best, prior to putting it onto the market, thereby capturing those potential buyers that come along in the first few weeks of marketing the home.  The longer it stays on the market, the least amount of Offer's you're likely to receive.
  7. It is important to understand that “Buyers only see what they see, not the way it will be.
  8. Staging is a critical listing and marketing tool.
  9. On average Staged homes sell within 33 days, as compared to 161 days for non-staged homes.
  10. For every $100 invested in Home Staging, homeowners typically can expect to receive at lease 3 times that amount in an Offer.
  11. Home Staging minimizes the negative features of a home.
  12. Buyers feel a Stages Home is well maintained.
  13. Staged Homes photograph better.
  14. Staged Homes are less stressful for the seller, as a quick sale means less showings, and less disruptions for a homeowner.
  15. Home Staging allows buyers to be focused on the features of your home, not the stuff in it.
  16. Home Staging by Sadie, Inc. provides an honest, independent third party assessment of your home.  Sellers, traditionally, cannot be truly objective of their own home.
  17. Home Staging is NOT about spending thousands of dollars to redecorate the home.
  18. Real Estate Agents have greater confidence when showing a home that has been Staged.
  19. Homes can be listed on MLS as being a Staged home.
  20. Real Estate Agents will be more likely to show your home to potential buyers, because they know it will show well.  The more showings your property has, the faster it will sell.
  21. As the real estate industry often stresses, "first impressions" are a critcal factor in selling a home.






Why be FOR-SALE, when you could be SOLD?

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