Home Staging by Sadie, Inc. "Let's Get MOVE-IN!"

When should you Stage your home?

As soon as you decide to sell! 

This means before ANYONE sees it; before a Real Estate Agent determines a list price, and before any marketing, and open houses.  The first sight a buyer gets of your home should make a lasting first impression.  Within seconds of seeing a home, buyers determine whether it appeals to them.  You want them to mentally, and visually “move in,” not move on.

If your home has been on the market, with little or no interest, before you do a price reduction, Stage your home first.  This way, you can “present” your home again to the real estate community.  It can be marketed as a home with a “new look” Buyers, and Real Estate Agents are curious, and what a buzz that will create.








Detail your home, like you would detail your car. 


First Impressions Count!

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