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Why hire an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP™)?

An ASP is a dedicated Home Staging Professional who has studied proven techniques of Home Staging.  An ASP has completed the “Accredited Staging Professional” course training, developed by Barb Schwarz, the inventor of “Home Staging.”

ASP Training includes both classroom instruction, and hands-on training, Staging properties that are already listed, or about to be listed.

An ASP is committed to the principles and practices of marketing properties as Staged homes. Having an ASP Stage your property entitles the home to a special marketing program developed to promote those homes, which have been, designated as Staged homes.

Barb Schwarz has designed, and teaches this process to insure that when preparing a home for sale, the Stager, the Realtor, and the client experience is one that results in ultimate satisfaction, in order to make it a successful transaction.

An ASP depersonalizes a home, turning it into a "product" for the marketplace.  Furnishings will be re-arranged, even removed.   Accessories will be added to enhance, and balance the appearance and function of the room.

For homeowner's, It is often overwhelming and difficult to go through your home with objectivity, as you will more than likely have a strong emotional attachment to your home.







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