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Why Stage your home?

Your home is your largest asset.  When you sell your car, you detail it.  So, detail your home BEFORE it goes on the market.  

Statistics show that a Staged Home sell for a higher price, and on average, 80% faster than those that are not.  Studies show that Staged Homes sell, on average, in 33 days.  Homes that are not Staged, average 161 days.

A newly listed property gets most of its viewing activity within the first few weeks.  Staging your home before you list ensures that your home presents itself most effectively. 

The buyer will normally form his/her opinion within the first few seconds of walking in the door.

In today’s market, Home Staging can make the difference between your home, and its competition. 


First impressions” are critical.  Click on the links below, and find out why.

Staged Homes on 20/20
In August ABC's 20/20 came to Bothell, WA where we Staged a home on camera with 32 of our talented ASP/ASPM Stagers.
Staged Homes on NBC's Today Show
On June 10th, Barb was featuremd on NBC's Today Show!
ABC's KOMO TV Features Staged Homes
Discover the secret to Home Staging. It doesn't need to be expensive. See how ASP Home Stagers compare to their more extravagant counterparts. ABC's KOMO TV in Seattle, Washington.
Staged Homes on CBS News
On July 10th, Barb was featured on CBS Alabama!
Staged Homes on FOX 8
On November 28th, Barb was featured on Fox 8 News!

Visit StagedHomes.com for more valuable information.










93% of Staged Homes sell within 1 month.

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